Jab PRIYANK aur HINA❤️ k workout session pe bole gharwale and much more - Bigg Boss house Updates


Priyank and Hina become a Hot topic in the house :😍😍❤️

Today iin the Bigg Boss house we will se Priyank and Hina working out together to remain fit while in the house. While they are doing so, it seems ki gharwalon ko unki ye 'Friendship' raas nhi aarhi. 

In today's episode, we will se Vikas Gupta (the x channel head of & tv) talking to Benafsha about Priyank and how he might be trying on Hina, according to him. 
He further adds that Priyank is only working out because Hina too is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

Benafsha adds to this by saying that Priyank is just helping HINA and nothing more. Vikas replied with a quirky smile : singing (la la laa la laa) and further adds Finally TV ki favourite bahu ko TV k superstar mil gaya. But as a friend πŸ˜‚

To which Hote comments "yrr Priyank aur HINA aj 8 packs nikalke aayange". 

The fun is just building up in the Bigg Boss house. With more and more controversy building. 

We will also see housemates commenting on our BENAFSHA'S dressing, calling it revealing. To wwhich she would reply "agar mai bs top pehanti and shorts nhi to wo thik tha, bt jo maine dono pehna h to logo ko problem h". 

To this PUNEESH would back her up and say" ki log bs apse jealous h ". With we agree totally. It's her choice what to wear and what to do. No one  has the right to tell any girl what not to wear. ❤️

Further, we have got the list of all the eliminated contestants below : 

They are-----

Please do tell me what you think about the contestants down in the comments ❤️I would love to read and Discuss with you about it. 

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